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In simplicity, there is everything
Reuben is the Manager and owner of North Beach, Barbuda
1 Mar

Once you jump off the boat at North Beach you are marooned – in the best possible way.

Isabel Choat, The Guardian.

“Being a neurotic city-dweller I’d worried that I’d be bored by the end of day one. But the laid-back vibe infected me almost immediately; it seeped into my bones, and slowed my mind. The trainers I packed, thinking I’d go for runs along the beach, remained in my suitcase unused. I tried doing yoga but gave up after a few feeble stretches. Attempting any kind of exercise here seemed faintly ridiculous. North Beach doesn’t so much scream “relax!” as whisper it repeatedly in your ear until you’re hypnotised into doing nothing, forced into a catatonic state of relaxation.”

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