What is the weather like?

Barbuda has a tropical climate with the weather being warm and mostly dry all year round. The winter months are December through to March and still have an average pleasant daily temperature of 27°C or 81°F.

When is the best time to visit?

We recommend the best time of year to visit is between October to August. Our dry period is from December to April, where there is lots of sunshine and high temperatures. Our rainy season ranges from May to October, where there is increased humidity and short showers that occur in the evenings.

Do the cottages have air conditioning?

Whilst our cottages do not have air conditioning, each has a ceiling fan to keep you cool at night and the sea breeze will keep you cool during the day. We do have air conditioning in our dining room.

How many people can fit in each cottage?

Each cottage can accommodate two adults and one child

Can I drink the tap water?

At North Beach we pride ourselves on our sustainability. We produce our own drinking water, which means you can drink straight from the tap.

What plug adaptor type do I need?

We use the same plug adapters as the United States – a two pin plug adapter. The standard voltage is 120 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.

Do you also serve meat dishes?

Yes, we serve a selection of different meats. Our island speciality is lobster, which is caught fresh daily.

What is the minimum length of stay requirement?

We have a requirement for all guests to stay three nights’ minimum during their time at North Beach, with an exception between Xmas and New Year, when the minimum stay is five nights.

Do you cater for vegetarian/vegan diets?

We can cater for all dietary requirements. However, we do require advanced warning of such special requests prior to your arrival.

Is the transfer by boat between Codrington and North Beach Island free?

Yes, the transfer is included as part of your stay. Our North Beach team will greet you on arrival at the airport or the ferry port, transporting you by boat through the mangroves to North Beach. The same applies to your return journey.

How long is the boat ride to North Beach Island from Codrington?

Approx. 15/20 minutes.

Is there cell phone coverage everywhere at North Beach?

Yes, there is cell phone reception. You will need to check with your carrier on the costs for making and receiving calls.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available in the dining room area only, and it is free to access throughout your stay.

Is there a doctor, dentist and hospital?

In the unlikely event that you are taken ill, there are medical professionals based in Codrington. Our North Beach team will be able to assist you on reaching the right person if this is needed.

Do you have a dress code?

North Beach is your own private paradise, so we do not insist on any dress code. We simply wish for you to wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Is it easy and safe to swim in the sea?

Yes, absolutely. Swimming is one of the main activities our guests enjoy on staying on the island. Explore the coral reefs, and forgotten ship wrecks that are nestled below the surface – it’s another world awaiting to be discovered.