Activities on North Beach Island

We hope that your primary motivation for visiting North Beach Island is to rest and relax, be welcomed as our guest and leave the world behind.

Once you’ve started to relax you can make the most of what North Beach offers.

Snorkelling: use our snorkelling equipment and swim out 50m past the sandy shore and you’ll find crystal clear waters teaming with sea life. Directly in front of Sea Breeze there is a reef with a variety of tropical fish, colourful coral, octopuses and sting rays. If you’re lucky you may even see an elusive turtle! Bring your snorkel and mask.

Beachcombing: stormy winds and spring tides deposit corals and other sea debris on our beaches. Be eagle-eyed and you’ll find pink shells, irregular shaped corals and hermit crabs.

Kayaking: we have two two-seater kayaks that guests are free to use at their leisure. Take one out and explore the coast. Come back with teasures collected on neighbouring shores or explore the marine life from your kayak.

Frigate Bird Sanctuary: this part of Barbuda is protected and you can see hundreds of Frigate birds as you pass through (by boat at extra cost).

Pink shell beach: a short boat ride round the coast and you’ll find a miraculous pink shell beach. Utterly private and completely off the beaten track, we can provide pack lunches and take you over to this small, unusual, yet beautiful beach (by boat at extra cost).

Birdwatching: there are 62 known species of birds on Barbuda Island, including the Barbuda Warbler, a tiny bird found only in Barbuda. Our mangroves and marshes are excellent locations to spot the unique species of birds.

Watching the world go by: this is probably our favourite activity on the island. Take a seat in a hammock or sun lounger and relax. Grab a cold drink – or try Reuben’s famous rum punch – a book or a notepad and pen and catch up on the important things you don’t have time to do elsewhere. The morning sunrise and evening sunset will surprise you everyday.

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