Activities on North Beach Island


A peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, North Beach Island will win your heart as soon as you step onto its golden shores. Island life is slow and steady, which is reflected in our motto, “too blessed to be stressed”. The secluded nature of our island means you are able to enjoy your time with us without any interruptions from the outside world – your own private paradise.

We’re confident that as soon as you arrive, the island’s calming nature will wash over you with a soothing aura, making it impossible for you to do anything but unwind, disconnect and relax.

Whether you are here for a romantic getaway or with family, create lasting memories while staying in our beautiful surroundings. Here are some suggested activities that will really make your time on North Beach Island unforgettable.


We have a range of snorkeling equipment for our guests to use, which is perfect for exploring the crystal clear waters of the island. Shoals of tropical fish and colourful coral await your discovery, as you explore another world under water. If you’re lucky you may see an elusive turtle!  What’s more, there are over 100 old shipwrecks between North Beach and the picturesque reef, which scales across one mile off the shore.


A scavenger’s paradise, the stormy Barbudan winds and spring tides often bless our shores with colourful corals, shells and other gifts from the ocean. Hunt for rare pink shells, irregular shaped corals and hermit crabs.


We have two kayaks that guests are free to use at their leisure. Explore the coast, visit neighbouring shores and discover the marine life that swims in our turquoise lagoon.


There is increasing interest in Barbuda as a destination for kite-surfing – no crowds, miles of empty beach and some of the most consistently strong winds in the Caribbean. At times there are strong currents around North Beach Island, therefore we recommend only experienced kite surfers participate in these activities. If you are looking for more information, please get in touch.

Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Situated in the Codrington Lagoon, The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is a spectacular sight to behold. This part of Barbuda is protected and you can see hundreds of Frigate birds as you pass through by boat. During mating season (September to April) the Frigate male displays a huge red breast to attract the female bird. Their nests are located at the top of the mangroves, where each bird only lays a single egg.

Pink Shell Beach

A short boat ride round the coast is the beautiful Pink Shell Beach. Utterly secluded and completely off the beaten track, take a picnic and explore this small yet unusual beach, littered with colourful shells and golden sands.


There are 62 known species of birds on Barbuda Island, including the Barbuda Warbler, a tiny bird found only on our island. Our mangroves and marshes are excellent locations to spot these unique species of birds. A perfect boat trip.

Enjoy Reuben’s famous Rum Punch

Take a seat in the hammock and try an island classic, Reuben’s famous rum punch. This is a favourite with many of our guests, the ingredients of which are a complete secret to all of us. There’s nothing better to enjoy when watching the evening sunset.

Watch the world go by

The great thing about North Beach Island, is its ability to encourage you to do absolutely nothing. Relax in the sun loungers or the hammocks, enjoy a good book or simply lie back and enjoy the surroundings. Watch the world slow, and lose yourself in the tranquil nature of Barbuda. As founder Reuben so famously says

“We have nothing, yet we have everything”.


The coastline is blessed with some of the best fishing in the Caribbean. We are able to organise all kinds of fishing excursions for our guests, and provide rods, bait and even a packed lunch for a serene day on the water. Bring back your catch and enjoy a feast of fish for your evening meal.   


There’s so much to see in Barbuda, from exploring the island’s caves to experiencing the local market in the main village. We are able to help organise excursions by boat or by car to visit parts of island. You also gain from our local knowledge and expertise.

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